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Investing and saving


Traditionally, saving has been viewed as quite different from investing. In most savings alternatives, initial amount of capital or cash remains constant, earning guaranteed rates of interest.

The capital value of investments can go up or down. Returns aren't guaranteed. However, creation of money market funds and deregulation of banking industry have resulted in variety of savings options that earn variable rates of return.

Savings provide funds for emergency and for making specific purchases in relatively near future [generally within two years]. The primary goal is to store funds and keep them safe. This is why savings are generally placed in interest-bearing Acc. that are safe [such as those insured or guaranteed by federal governments] and liquid [those in form of cash or easily changed into cash on short notice with minimal or no loss]. However, these generally have low yields. Because of opportunity for earning higher return with relatively small pool of funds, some financial experts suggest that savers consider slightly higher risk [but liquids] alternatives for at least part of their savings.

Saved money is insurance. It is insurance against risk, against losing your job, against having major unexpected repair bill or medical expense in family. It is backbone of u and your family’s financial well-being. Saved money grants u financial security. And more u save, more financial secure and independent u will be.

The goal of investing is generally to increase net worth and work toward long-term goals. Investing involves risk. Risk of your shares losing money, or even going bankrupt [Enron, MCI, the airlines, etc.]. Risk of interest rates rising, & bond prices falling. Risks of your broker swindled you, or coerced u though his sales pitch to buy speculative investments. Risks of economy. Risks of particular industry. Risk of losing your principal. Risk of losing it all, and then some [such as with margin calls].

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