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History of NMDC Ltd.

YEAR EVENTS 1958 - The Comp. was incorporated as a wholly owned government of India enterprise. It was set up with the objective of exploring & developing mineral deposits of country. The corporation is engaged in investigation of other minerals like low silica, limestone, Dolomite, Bentonite, Tungsten, Graphite, tin etc. Apart from this, is also developing new high value added products like ferric oxide, ferrite & iron powder from flue bust.

1991 - 13,21,572 No. of equity shares allotted to Govt. of India.

1992 - The Comp. proposed to open two new mines [11B and 10 and 11As] in Bailadila sector in addition to expansion & modification of the existing projects [5, 14 and 11cs].

- Efforts were on for collaboration with foreign companies in exploration/exploitation of diamond deposits and to boost the diamond production to about 1 lakh carats from the present level of about 18,000 carats.

- The Corporation entered into a MOU with M/s. Essar Gujarat Ltd., for supply of fines for proposed 4 million tonne capacity pellet plant at Vizag.

- The Comp. proposed to set up a 2 million tonnes low silica limestone project at Arki in Himachal Pradesh.

1993 - With a view to have sustained supply of iron ore, a long term agreement was reached with domestic consumers in sponge iron viz., Nippon Denro Ispat Ltd., Essar Investments, Ltd., Lloyds Metals etc.

- During the year, two potentially diamond ferrous areas namely Payalikhand & Behradh were identified in the Raipur district of M.P.

- During the year, 13,21,57,200 shares were disinvested to LIC, GIC and its subsidiaries.

1994 - Government clearance was received to develop Bailadila 10/11A. Bailadila 11B was to be developed on a joint venture with Nippon Denro Ispat Ltd.

- Beneficiation tests were conducted at Regional Research Laboratory, Bubaneshwar, BARC Hyderabad for development of tungston/graphite deposit which could lead to foreign exchange earnings.

- A centre for geostatistics was set up in collaboration with De Geostatistique Fonlaineblean France, for extension of services to process exploration data of mineral deposits as also conducting various services for popularising the applications of geostatistics.

- Two research project were undertaken. A pilot plant for production of iron powder from blue dust concentrate in collaboration with ARC International MKL was signed another for production of pigment grade ferric oxide from blue dust and iron ore slumes was to be set up.

- A commercial plant of capacity of 6,000 TPY at Visakhapatnam for production of ultra pure ferric oxide from blue dust was on the anvil.

1995 - The Comp. Bailadila Mineral Development Co. Ltd., was incorporated on 31st July & the Comp. has a stake of 11% in its equity capital.

- The Comp. applied for prospecting licence for new diamond prospects in MP and AP. Heavy media separation plant for better recovery of diamonds was installed, leading to a record production of diamonds.

- The Comp. undertook development of low silica lime stone deposit at Arki.

- The following research products were taken up: [is] A pilot plant for production of ferrite powder mix with characterisation laboratory was set up with assistance from Department of Electronics. [iis] A commercial plant of 600 TPA capacity for production of ultra pure ferric oxide from blue dust was being set up at Visakhapatnam, A.P.

1996 - A MOU was signed between the Corporations, Indian Rane Eastings limited and AP Mineral Development Corporation limited for the development of Bhimunipatnam beach stands by a new joint venture.

- The Comp. explored the possibilities of expanding into gold mining in AP and MP & application for prospecting licences were filed.

- A pilot plant for ferrite powder mix with characterisation laboratory was set up with assistance of Department of Electronics.

- Another plant for production of pigment grade ferric oxide from blue dust and iron ore fines/slime.

- Another plant of iron powder from blue dust concentrates was proposed to be set up at Hyderabad in association with ARC International, DMRC Hyderabad.

- A commercial plant of 6000 TPY capacity for production of Ultra pure ferric oxide from ROM blue dust was being set up at Visakhapatnam in AP.

1997 - Under MOU performance Indicator, the Comp. produced 1517 tonnes of high grade Ferric Oxide & supplied to various hard and medium soft ferrite component manufacturers in India & abroad.

- The NMDC has signed a MoU with Indian Rare Earths Ltd & Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Limited for mining and beneficiation of beach sands & production of limenite synthetic futile for subsequent down-stream integration to produce titanium dioxide for paint industry & titanium for aircraft industry.

- The National Mineral Development Corporation [NMDCs] lacks expertise in search & evaluation of diamond deposits by micro-diamond techniques, according to the expert committee on exploration & exploitation of diamond deposits in Madhya Pradesh set up by State Government.

- The NMDC lacks the state-of-the-art system for classification & the evaluation of diamonds, & facility for bulk treatment of samples for evaluation of economic viability of deposit, according to the committee report submitted recently.

- The National Mineral Development Corporation [NMDCs] has not secured clearance from the Union ministry for forest and environment under the forest protection act for renewal of mining leases.

1998 - National Mineral Development Corporation Limited [NMDCs] would set up a romelt pig iron & steel plant at Jagdalpurin Madhya Pradesh [MPs] as part of its expansion & diversification plans.

- It has also entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Madhya Pradesh Government, SAIL & Indian Railways for construction of new broad gauge line between Bailadila iron ore mines & Rowghat.

- The National Mineral Development Corporation [NMDCs] proposes to increase the capacity of Panna diamond mine from 30,000 carats per annum to 84,000 carats per annum within the next two years.

- Another major project of NMDC was the joint venture between Indian Rare Earths Ltd & Andhra Pradesh Mining Development Corporation Limited for development of Bhimunipatnam beach sands which has rich mineral deposits in Visakhapatna.

- The corporation also plans to set up a pilot plant at Hyderabad for making iron powder from blue dust concentrates.


- National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd [NMDCs], a public sector enterprise, is currently on the look-out for suitable partners to set up projects based on its research & development studies regarding utilisation of kimberlite waste [kimberlite rock is the source of diamondss].


-NMDC surpassed its target by 5% by producing 67 lakh tonnes of ironore during the first six months of fiscal year.


-NMDC, a PSU under the administrative control of ministry of steel has been upgraded from Schedule B to Schedule A company.

-NMDC signed a long term settlement of wages & other allied benefits for its workmen.

-Chattisgarh government has alloted a land to NMDC for proposed Rs 300cr pig iron benefication plant.


-RvC, the Dutch Council for Accreditation has awarded ISO-9001-2000 certification to NMDC.

-NMDC has been selected as one of top 10 public sector enterprise for the MoU award of union government.

-NMDC received license from the centre for diamond exploration & other precious minerals in Andhra Pradesh.


-NMDC gets approval from the Karnataka Government to mine gold in 702 sq.km area in the central block of Chitradurga District for three years.

-NMDC informed the exchange regarding the change in management: Shri.P.R.Tripati CMD has demitted the office & Shri.S.K. Agarwal, Director is holding the additional charge of post of Chairman-cum-MD of the company.


-Hyderabad: MR B. Ramesh Kumar will be the new Chairman & Managing Director of National Mineral Development Corporation [NMDCs], a public sector undertaking, under the Union Ministry of Steel.

Mr Kumar, Director [Technicals], will assume charge on January 1, 2004. He succeeds Mr S.K. Agrawal, who retired on superannuation on Wednesday. Mr Agrawal was holding the posts of Director [Productions] & CMD of NMDC.

-H R Subramanya assumed charge as the director [finances] at National Mineral Development Corporation Limited [NMDCs]. Earlier, he was with Bharat Earth Movers Limited as its executive director taking care of of audit, systems appraisal, finance and Acc. & corporate planning departments


- National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd [NMDCs]has informed that Shri. B S Meena & Ms. Teresa Bhattacharya has been appointed as Directors of Company.


- NMDC Ltd has appointed Shri Mohd Imam, Deputy Secretary of Comp. as Compliance Officer of Company.

-Company name has been changed from National Mineral Dev.corp.Ltd to NMDC Ltd.

-The Comp. has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 2:1.

- The Comp. has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs1/-.

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