Stock Market Glossary

Indian Stock Market


Arbitrage American Depository Receipt American Depository Share At best Averaging
Arbitration Bearer Security Bears Basis Point Bear Market
Bond Badla Bargain Blue Chips Bonus
Book Closure Bull Bull Market Base Price Buyer
Bid & offer Brokerage Basket Trading Beta Bid
Bad delivery Buy limit order Buy on close Breakout Book runner
Beneficial owner Best ask Best bid Bid/Ask spread Bourse
Cash Settlement Clearing Days or Settlement Days Clearing House Corner Correction
Crisis Cum Closing Price Counterparty Carry forward trading
Clearing Company objection Call Option Call Capital Adequacy
Capitalization Capitalization Issue Call Risk Capital Appreciation Capital Gain
Capital Market Commercial Paper Commission Coupon Consideration
Contract Convertible Corporate Bondsv Correction Clearing
Cum-bonus Cum-rights Carry Over Margin Cash Settlement Capital loss
Cash markets Capital Asset Pricing Model Circuit breaker Custodial fees Dealer
Debenture Foreign Institutional Investor Counter-party risk Deep Discount Bond Dividend
Day Trading Delivery price Derivatives Delivery Discount factor
Day order Discounted payback period Disclosed Quantity Demat trading Date of payment
Deferred taxes Ex-rights Delivery date Dividend yield Diversification
MF ESOP Downgrade Disclosed Value Ex
Ex-bonus Flotation Earnings Per Share Eurobond Ex Dividend
Ex Coupon Floating Stock Exercise price Exercising the option Efficient capital market
Final Dividend Good Till Cancelled orders Futures Firm Price Financial risk
Forward trading Global Depositary Receipt Forward Purchase Commercial Paper Freeze
Fully Paid Shares Hedging Good Till Date orders Governing Board Gap
Gilts Illiquid Grey market Growth stock Investing Good Delivery
Growth Fund Inactive Shares Holding Period Return Holder Initiator
Insider trading Long position Insider Issuing house Issued Share Capital
Immediate or Cancel Market maker Jumbo certificate Jobbers Jobber's Spread
Kerb Dealings Market lot Listed Company Limit order LIBOR
LIBID Cumulative preference share Member Firm Market order Matching
Minimum Fill Order Negotiated Tradev Members Moorat Trading Market capitalization
Margin Order Driven Trading Market risk Nominal Value Non-Cleared Securities
Nasdaq Passed Dividend Normal Market No-delivery period Odd Lot market
Open Pay-in Order Operational range One For One
Options Price sensitive information Price risk Oversubscribed Panic Selling
Pari Passu Order Quantity Freeze percentage Premium Participant Pre-Open
Price Time Priority Real Return Pay-out Price band Price rigging
Portfolio Short Sale Primary market Print/Report Circuit Security
Put Option Strike Price Quote Driven Trading Regular Lot Order Record date
Rights Issues P/E Ratio or Price-Earnings Ratio Rolling Settlement Real Interest Rate Repos
Short Position Settlement guarantee Slump Spot Spreads
Stag Specified Shares Secondary Market Settlement Settlement Day
Share certificate Solicitor Seller Special Terms Spot market
Stop Loss Trading for delivery Splitting/Consolidation Spot trading Stop transfer
Settlement Period Transmission Stamp Duty share swap stock option
Screen Based Trading Volatility Stock split Trade Turnover Limit
Trade guarantee Warning Quantity Percentage Transfer deed Time Conditions Trader Workstation
Trading Member Zero Coupon Bond Unit of Trading Unquoted Shares User
Underwrite Over The Counter Trading Volume of Trading Volume Conditions Variation Margin
Wash Sale Convertible preference shares Watered Yield Yield Curve
Yield To Maturity Day Minimum/Maximum range     

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